Nanna Schou

Playful designs with tight lines and organic shapes


When I do my designs, I care for you, for the history of the piece of jewellery and for the use of materials. Every piece holds not only the story of my work – a thousand years old craftmanship – but also a personal story that should be guarded. The vast majority of my work consists of creating unique jewellery in cooperation with the women and men that come in my atelier in central Copenhagen to buy a one of a kind design that encloses their personal stories and memories.

Maybe a whole new design created from scratch, where both asymmetry and geometry often play an important role. Or it could be be an inherited jewellry in an old ornamented style that turns into a modern, graphic ring.

I like the process of building a personal and unique piece of jewellery or to create new side stories to a jewellery that already has its’ own tale. My experience tells me that this is how to create meaningful – and therefore long lasting – jewellery.

I became a goldsmith in 2005. My education has taught me all the basic steps of classic jewellery making, and I strongly believe that well-crafted design creates jewellery that people want to wear for life. That is also why I always work with high quality materials.

The jewellery that leaves my atelier is one of a kind, because I work freely with the materials from time to time and because the starting point of the design always is the person who has come to my atelier and shared her or his vision and wishes.

Still, of course, there are some common, through-going features and characteristics about my work. I see occur a special correlation between the materials when for instance the classical in the nature of delicate gemstones and pearls meets the raw leather. Or when gold and diamonds appear in jewellery with graphic and edged shapes. A playful interaction between tight and geometric shapes on one side – natural forms and colorful contrasts on the other. For some jewellery I get inspired by the architectural mode of expression and use sharp and strict lines – at other times I revel in natural and round shapes, delicate pastel colored pearls and shimmering faceted gemstones in all sizes. Weight, simplicity, durability, personality and quality are some of the keywords of the story of my jewellery.


The goldsmith craft is a profession with a long history. The Danish Goldsmiths' Guild dates back to 1429 and will soon be celebrating its 600th anniversary. The goldsmiths even have their own saint, Skt. Loye, who is also depicted on the diploma I received when I had served my apprenticeship and finished my studies. He watches me from his frame on the wall in my workshop and keeps an eye on my designing, moulding, grinding and other ancient traditions that I honor in my work.


Take a look over my shoulder in my workshop on Instagram. It’s always full of gold, glitter and star dust.

18K Gold with Tourmaline & Tahiti Pearls
DKK 8,900

18K Gold with Sapphire & Tahiti Pearls
DKK 8,900

Leather Collar
Leather collar with semi baroque cultured Tahitian pearls.

From DKK 14,500


I love pearls. Especially the ones coming from de black-lipped pearls oysters living in the sea surrounding the French Polynesian atolls. The pearl gets its’ color from the lips of the oyster that it’s lying in, so the color spectrum of the pearls is decided by nature.